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NEW BUND 31 Mall

Enjoy yourself when shopping at the paradise of retail, F&B, art, and entertainment.


NEW BUND 31 Mall features leisure, art, and entertainment retail in a one-stop destination with trendy lifestyle and cultural experiences, where everyone can enjoy the 360-degree offering of stylish fashion and food from all over the world; the complex embodies an authentic, natural, and creative flair throughout.

NEW BUND 31 Mall is a multi-faceted space that serves as the social media hotspot for fashionistas and trendsetters, the one-stop leisure and relaxation hub for the busy urbanites, as well as a happy juncture for friends and families, to which the audiences attending the shows at the Performing Arts Center.

With its unique design connecting the indoor and outdoor public areas, NEW BUND 31 is the prime location to host festivals, exhibitions, and pop-ups to bring the latest trending events for visitors. It will be a must-visit landmark to enjoy.




Concierge Services

Convenience Services
  • Umbrella
  • Charger for mobile phone
  • One-off mask
  • Feminine products
  • Wet tissue
  • Hand gel
Parking and Information Service
  • Information on shopping, restaurants and shows
  • Information on Nearby facilities
  • Information on 31 Membership Benefits
  • Parking Fee/Coupon Services
  • 31 Membership Points Service
  • Lost&Found
  • Information on 31 Membership Benefits
  • Desk for customer feedback

For more details, please go to the front desk in the lobby (2F) of the NEW BUND SHUN TAK CENTER


+86 21 63916996 Leasing Department
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NEW BUND 31 WeChat Account QR Code